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Involving the company in the activity of the WEEE Forum

The WEEE Forum is an association of collective European systems which was founded in 2002 as a discussion forum for handling the issue of taking-back via collective systems set up by the producers of electrical and electronic equipment. The WEEE Forum had brought together 38 collective systems from 21 countries of the EU, Norway and Switzerland by the end of 2006. ELEKTROWIN became a full member of this organisation on 12th May 2006.

Vision - The WEEE Forum is a special centre for finding environmentally-friendly, effective and innovative ways of ensuring the obligations and responsibilities of individual producers via collective take-back systems.

Mission – It is the mission of the WEEE Forum to support collective systems for taking back electrical and electronic waste and to optimise their operation all over Europe. The WEEE Forum places emphasis on effectively gathering, exchanging and comparing information from all members. The WEEE Forum acts collectively with regard to problems and issues that arise in such a manner as to define common stances and, through professional and constructive input, contributes to general debate on the management of electrical and electronic waste take-back The association provides technical support to various interest groups and associations, producers and legislators both at local and trans-European level.


The year 2011 was a milestone in the preparation of the WEEELABEX project. The general meeting of the WEEE Forum approved WEEELABEX Standards for collection, transportation and processing created with the contribution of the European Union Life Plus Fund. The aim of the project is to set binding rules and standards for the work done by collective systems and their subcontractors.

One important act was the project known as “Strategies, tools and suggestions intended to improve the collection of waste from electrical and electronic equipment”, which concerns collection, means of collection and campaigns aimed at raising awareness of taking back, in which ELEKTROWIN took an active part.

It is our pleasuer to share the first WEEELABEX STAKEHOLDERS REVIEW. Click here for reading.