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Successful projects:

Recycle with Firefighters

Volunteer fire brigades continue to play an ever-increasing role in collecting used appliances. The total number of signed brigades rose every year. It is a favourite activity of Firefighters brigades, that learns people to think ecologically.

Firefighters help their neighbours, mainly in smaller communities, and increase their own budgets thanks to motivational bonuses. 

Small container

There is also a positive response to a programme in which communities created collection points by placing a container for small appliances in a public place. This programme is mainly intended for smaller communities that do not have collection yards at their disposal.                                             


Motivation programme for communities

The primary aim of the Motivation Programme since 2008 has been to support the better service level of collection yards, to secure collection points from unwanted visitors and the recovery of primarily large and small appliances and to increase the completeness of taken-back appliances and the overall quantity.

Some 220 communities drew nearly CZK 4 million from the Motivation Programme in 2016. Funds were, for example, most commonly used to buy small containers for small electrical and electronic equipment, camera systems or means of handling and storage.

Requests accepting was stopped last year in accordance with basic conditions of the point number 2 because of incentive fund to support collection exhaustion.


Cooperation with regions

Cooperation between the ELEKTROWIN collective system and individual regions in the Czech Republic becomes more intense every year. After establishing cooperation with the South Bohemia Region and the Hradec Králové Region, a contract was also signed with the Moravia and Silesia Region. This means that ELEKTROWIN now cooperates with 13 of the 14 regions in the country.

Education begins with the young. Children are made aware of the rules of sorting and recycling old appliances at municipality and town collection yards as part of the “Recycle-playing” project (Recyklohraní). 

In general, events organised in cooperation with municipalities for Earth Day and with zoos are also very successful. Visitors to zoos have the chance of getting a discount on the admission price and other bonuses for returning complete appliances.


Iron Week

The ELEKTROWIN collective system tied up with the Czech tradition of clearing households of old and useless items during “iron” Saturdays and Sundays by organising an event called Iron Week.